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Sports Medicine

Mid-South goes to all the major horse shows, providing support to your equine partners up until the minute you step into the ring. 


Mid-South specializes in surgeries ranging from orthopedic, fracture repair, soft tissue, angular/limb deformation, hernia, and more.


Found the perfect equine partner? Allow us to perform a thorough examination prior to your purchase of a potential performance horse. 

New client? Fill out our form before your visit! 

Taking care of your equine partner

Attention To

Your equine partner's comfort is our priority. With Mid-South, you can expect nothing but exceptional care and attention to detail.

Only local clinic with MRI & Bone Scan technology

We are the only clinic within 2 hours of Tioga with MRI and bone scan technology. 


At Mid-South Equine, we specialize in lameness & surgery. View our services tab to see what other offerings we provide.

Vet techs performing a pre-purchase examination, including a gate eval and lameness check.

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Work Hours

Monday 8:00-5:00 cst

Tuesday 8:00-5:00 cst

Wednesday 8:00-5:00 cst

Thursday 8:00-5:00 cst

Friday 8:00-5:00 cst


35 McDaniel Road

Tioga, TX 76271

Office: 940-230-6611

Fax: 940-222-2760


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