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Chiropractic work being performed on a horse


Mid South vets performing horse chiropractic work which entails manual adjustments, optimal neurological function, corrects sublaxations of bony skeleton, and promotes physical soundness, healing, and overall health

Chiropractic Services

  • Manual adjustments

  • Optimal neurological function

  • Correct subluxations of bony skeleton

  • Promote physical soundness, healing, and overall health

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Mid-South Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery is excited to now offer chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Wil Moorhead, both in clinic and out on the farm. Dr. Moorhead, a graduate of the Animal Chiropractic Education Source in Meridian, TX, will utilize a series of manual adjustments to restore normal motion to the joints of your animal’s body.


The science of chiropractic care is founded on the principle that the misalignment of joints (subluxations), especially in the vertebrae, adversely alters nerve function which can lead to lameness, pain, disease, fatigue, muscle weakness, poor balance, and immune suppression. The goal of animal chiropractic is to correct subluxations of the bony skeleton to allow for optimal neurologic function which promotes physical soundness, healing, and overall health.


With the addition of chiropractic to the well established and trusted medical, surgical, and rehabilitative methods already in use at Mid-South Equine, we look forward to offering even more options to keep your animal athletes healthy, safe, and in top performance condition.

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